How women can increase the breast massage health network

fullness of the breast is a symbol of female beauty, every woman wants to have a plump round breasts, then how to massage to increase the breast?

breast specific methods are:

direct push breast: first with the right palm on the left breast above the clavicle below the focus, even gently push straight down to the roots of the breast, and then push back up along the original route, do 20-50 times, the same method for the left hand massage right breast.

hot compress massage breast: every night before going to sleep with a hot towel on both sides of the breast 3-5 minutes, massage the breast with the palm of your hand around from left to right, massage 20-50 times. As long as the above method massage 1 times a day, adhere to massage for 2-3 months, you can make breast bulge 2-3 cm.

exercise is also a breast recipe. To participate in physical exercise, in particular, pay attention to exercise the chest muscles, so that the pectoralis major muscle development, enhance breast fullness. Usually pay attention to standing and walking posture, often keep the chest and abdomen, to facilitate breast development. In swimming particularly helpful in both breasts.

side to push the breast: the left palm root and palmar surface from the chest are the central focus, lateral push by the right side of the breast up to the armpit, back when the plane with five pointing back to the breast tissue, repeated 20-50 times, for the left hand massage the breast.

health reminder: breast size varies from person to person, there is no absolute standard. Even if the breast is too small, it will not affect fertility breast-feeding, do not worry too much about this and worry.

(internship editor: Deng Yongqi)