The weight of a web site hurt but Sina Sohu a page

strictly speaking, I can not call "webmaster", because my website is too small, just a recreational site of our school. Although the site is not big, and did not think how to make money through this, but I think it has been trying to do better, soft hair, do links, stick it, I know it is not a pull down. The effect is not bad, I do the key word is "Yangtze University", the site for two months, now ranked in twelve to seventeen wandering.

this time to catch up with the college entrance examination, site visits and university education class in the surge, site visits I also increased by almost three times, mostly come from the Baidu keyword and by the "Yangtze University". It is realized that the entrance is a very good chance, I want to hold the first page of the whole strength to Baidu, we all know that the first page of the import volume of second pages and there is big difference.

looked at in front of me the station, my heart pull pull cool cool, they do not have much good, but the weight is too big: the school’s official website, this is not to say; Baidu encyclopedia, this estimate is the highest weight of all Baidu products, in a lot of keywords in a City and a county rankings, Wikipedia is one or two; Baidu Post Bar, ibid; in addition is Sina and Sohu, as if only a page or topic, but also lined up in front of me, I just think impassability, on practical (only relative to this keyword for a website with how I) than a page strong. Well, it hurts,

can only complain about two sentences. Who calls everyone "big bowl"?. Finally leave a link, hoping to increase a little weight (Admin5 or very cattle),,