To live is to own a drain

live, is to own out of


this is a vicious circle: all day long work in the workplace, terribly fatigued fighting, but hope day after wonderfull life. But where exactly is our leisure life? Everyone is afraid of leaving behind, and slowing down can only scare people. We want to use every minute and every second in something valuable and meaningful. Then, what is a valuable and meaningful thing –

?As long as the

in the workplace, you must be like donkey involuntarily

what will you do if time is really free,


"of course it’s sleep."." Li Hui answered firmly. Right now, on a vacation, he’s going to sleep 12 hours a day.


had lunch hastily, Li Hui began to wander aimlessly on the internet. Strangely, he seems to be a preset program like, there is not sent to the customer e-mail check the company mailbox, and then to internal forum to see the instructions of each branch and dynamic leadership, then open the sina finance, simply browse Industry News – this a series of actions, and they usually work as like as two peas.

after that, he suddenly didn’t know what to do.

Li Hui works for a consulting company. Every Friday, if one day I can come home from work before 8 in the evening, it is burning incense. Catch up with the project, several consecutive nights to eat, living in the company is also a common occurrence. Sometimes, Li Hui will appear at some strange time at the door, throwing a lot of dirty clothes, picked up another bag of clean, turned away, and even water can not take a drink. If the weekend can not be lucky to work overtime, Li Hui will never be idle, writing reports at home, plans to contract, check information…… There are so many things to do, and the client is still pushing it.

in that way, work takes up all of his life – all his time and all his energy.

he had many plans: practice English, a piano class to learn the piano, tidy up his childhood photos, blog, go to the gym or sweat, travel to europe……

but for 3 years, these plans have always been planned, and Li Hui’s progress in life is almost zero. If he’s free, he’d rather sleep or sit on the couch staring at soap operas on tv.

was partying two days ago, and Li Hui was able to find time to attend. But it was not long before the customer’s call came. He had to hide in the corner, patiently explaining the questions on the other side of the phone, and then calling his colleagues urgently to finalize the details. Li Hui always remember the boss’s words: "we do the service industry, there is no work, work hours, always ready, when the customer needs, when we start work.".

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