‘m afraid the wind stopped dead Sea fishing over the old pot you also learn not to learn

China management benchmarking company self disenchantment tour. Why does Zhang Yong think submarine fishing is never family culture?

Zhang Yong is angry.

day late spring coldness Beijing Daxing logistics center, fishing in the sea, Zhang Yong at the door to see two the security guard was shivering in the cold to salute him. He went into the meeting room the first thing is to call director asked: "such a cold day, why let people respect this cold, no sense of propriety. Let them stay in the house, and two more heating won’t cost much."

we are also here, listening to his training subordinates, a little awkward, but this also conforms to the outside world for his imagination: bottom fishing founder Zhang Yong, should not be a grass-roots staff, such as brothers,


said that if Zhang Yong is deliberately acting to outsiders, like: "they thought me too good, but I’m not like, he attempts to make a ferocious expression," I am a capitalist! "


a little dizzy? Just like Stephen Chow’s comedy, the protagonist just had a tall and just appearance, and then deconstructed himself.

four years ago, submarine fishing has become China’s service industry benchmark, the sudden fame, Zhang Yong how to face


he’s worried.

in 2014, he did a stress related test, and the result was that his work, "self" was under great pressure, especially fatigue and energy exhaustion.

doesn’t feel his pressure on Zhang Yong’s face. In business schools, students only think he is funny, simple and low-key, very real person, who wants to chat with him.

the night before the Spring Festival in 2015, the next hotel lobby in Sichuan, Qingchengshan, we visited Zhang Yong for the first time. He was wearing a turtleneck sweater, sitting in the middle of sofa, the head is not high, compared to under the sofa is too big. More than 4 years ago, he is slightly fat, a belly, pouch deeper, smoke a smoke.


he was laughing, people often provoked sparkling discourse, but the habit of consciously uproarious, with her arms around his chest. When he heard the question of fishing on the sea floor, he sat back in the dark, without evading the problem, but showed casual fatigue.

Zhang Yong mentioned Wei dong. In 2007, the country’s top securities officer shot himself off the ground in front of his wife and mother. That time, from the outside view, Wei East famous favorable, the limelight is healthy. Zhang Yong knew Wei Dong and he also went to see him after he jumped off the building. He said he understood Wei Dong, and he was always in high position to take the anxiety and pressure that other people could not understand.

his anxiety has been around for a long time.

in the outside world a voice of praise around 2011, Zhang Yong wrote that "reputation is hard to live in their own micro-blog, this.