Do Wangzhuan Wangzhuan grassroots feeling brother can see

recently played on Wangzhuan

to tell you the truth, I touched a little.

when I was in junior high school

made a little bit of

, too

but I feel it really tired..

so I didn’t do it at the time (because I was going to school and didn’t have the time..)

then built the website.

a few years have passed. The website has developed a lot. I have tasted a little bit of it, too..

, but recently one of the most promising stations has been turned off,.

can imagine


no income. I dragged his head and began to study the Wangzhuan.

PS: Wangzhuan is really very tired. Unless you have enough time every day, or not to contact! Don’t earn money, the body lost in


luckily, I’m in good health now. Haha,.

may be a regular exercise,..

studied for a few days and learned a lot about this,.

has invested a handful (hundreds of pieces of…)

is now doing.

, but I feel too tired!



I think I’ll do it again after graduating from high school,

now as long as the good book to read the website! Do Wangzhuan later!!?!