Experience of friendship link experience in website development

feeling can not find a link, or find friendship links, repeatedly rejected friends can refer to:

because a webmaster came to me today to make a friendship link, a conversation made me think for a long time. The master station is new, the site layout looks untidy, traffic rarely, PR was 0, he wanted to exchange home page text links with me, but I stand at present is also small, is also trying to improve the weight through a variety of ways, do not have the ability to take him, so he refused his request link however, the owners have been pursued, and even speak a pitiful words, I was in a dilemma. I want to say is: do webmaster, without such, do friends chain, also want to talk about skills and ways.

many webmaster looking for Links at that time, there is often a problem, while others rejected their link request, always ask: why? In my opinion, this sentence not only ask for a little extra, but a little naive. The reason why the other party does not link with you is the following:

1, the site has not been included in the search engine, the other side afraid of being implicated, naturally dare to do with you;

2, the content of the website is not perfect, you just build a web site, and did not add anything to find links to other people;

3, traffic is too low (basically no one is willing to exchange links with no traffic stations);

4, the PR value is too low (at present, most sites attach great importance to the PR value);

so when you get rejected, also don’t ask why, most people are reluctant to direct against you, so I can’t speak directly to you, go to the control station of its own these few OK.

there are many webmaster looking for friends of the chain of love for website has QQ contact website, because it is very direct, after talking that can not be done, but many stations are not Links QQ contact, most stay is an email address, so this time, you can to send e-mails to each other the way to request to exchange links, but also in the mail before, must remember the other link to do, don’t think this is a disadvantage.

summed up above to do friendship links two principles: first, do not fear the loss; two, from their own start.

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