‘ve been working as a station master for 2 years

has been in stationmaster net diving, also saw a lot of cow webmaster articles, also saw some not so smooth webmaster experience, today I also must pull, talk about their experience of.


was fond of hacking related technology, has been the major site of concern related news hackers, hacker is out of love, I also want to set up their own hacking site, did not want to profit, is the first choice of name, because the domestic hackers have several more famous sites, such as " hacker animation " what, hack58 think a few minutes to register hack52

52 also represents luck, it was time for 06 years, successfully registered domain name, the next step is to do the station, looking for a whole program, he spent time to modify and beautify it formally hang.

well is to publicize, familiar point hackers know that many stations are can be put on the animation tutorial, I have been doing in the tutorial tutorial, and write your station name, well, every 2 months, IP has exceeded 2000 PV through 5000

but because I have other work to do ZhengZhan busy, after 1 years there is no time to management. It is not updated, ranking quickly down

, now, I’m talking about my post,.GG advertising, of course, but my station’s ad position is pretty good. There’s always been an ad sponsor. And there’s a VIP model.

in general, the site is to rely on perseverance, but also hope that the webmaster New Year’s fortune,

www.hack52.com www.hack52.net in the new year, I also hope to be optimistic about my friends to work with this station, the original technology is definitely not bad people, hackers have also been related to the study of

if someone is willing to accept my station, I would also like to sell, but it would have provided all technical support, after all, is their own station

QQ:66647470 welcome to communicate