Commemorate blogs from 0 to 1500P’s frustrating years

a website or blog from 0 to 1500IP, maybe someone only takes a day or a month, and I spent four years.

about four years ago, I registered this blog was fantasizing about domain name, through this blog to have a vision, to make a lot of money through this blog, served as CEO, marry Bai rich, go on the pinnacle of life. Holding this ideal, I started the website tossing and turning years.

in the beginning I made a life blog use it, in your mind through this blog to make money off it was Taobao, have the knowledge of SEO, do not know how to do the daily traffic, write some thing in life is of no importance, adhere to the first half of the year, traffic very few, so the thought of transformation. The blog into a pure Taobao off site, but also do not know how to arrange a time, no way, occasionally remembered the update, so the three days of fishing, two days of the net again after half a year, the space expired, found this blog didn’t give me a penny earned and I just gave up, but was reluctant to delete, and then transfer to a cheaper American space, where it.

so six months later, the hearts of the lightning light ideal is not extinguished, the thought is not good to do life and Taobao customer sites, and then I found online dry cargo is less and less, the Webmaster Station is more and more heart whim, a commonplace talk of an old scholar, to do a fine dry cargo network blog, is that the articles are excerpts from the comparison of helpful articles for us, I think this idea is too good, do it now, so I use this blog domain name to do a blog, there are excerpts of the article I think is not wrong. But the young and impetuous heart can withstand website reconstruction after waiting, one is Baidu not included, on the other hand, I found the dry cargo not so much, often a few days to see an article that can, but the frequency is far from the demand of the website, so this project is less than two a month, was stranded

after this blog will be out of order change, until last year, I saw an article on WeChat, called the "big tree" theory, before I have to share this article to A5: "analysis: how to make your site become a tree". There is a theory of tree theory, is to be successful as a tree, you must not move, if this tree will always move, may die in the process of moving. I saw that all the years I see light suddenly, in the blind, I like in the pit in a peach tree, half did not result, I dig away, and a plum tree, half did not result, dig away, and other trees, and so on, which is life will not grow into a big tree, let alone bear fruit.

so I think many times, what kind of blog that I can stick to it, even in the absence of income, also can persist. I just thought when I came into contact with the website, then…