What are the six big food food breast fullness to the chest ‘s health network

chest fullness of the woman will be sexy, it can make women more attractive, so most women are eager to have their own very high chest, walk confidently. But for some small breasts, so feel inferior, often can not afford to wear sexy clothes, then how can they change the problem? Please take a look at the following several dietotherapy method, insist on this way, your chest will change, chest small will no longer be your trouble.

breast food what are six good things worth recommending

first, papaya. It is well known as breast food, why would I recommend it? Most people will often eat papaya, but in fact the effect is not big, want to play the role of breast papaya to eat cooked, can use papaya and soybean and pork stew together, so that it is easy to absorb, promote the secretion of female hormones, insist on a period of time, the chest will gradually become big.

second, bean products. All beans on things should eat more, especially Soybean Milk, every morning you should use soy juice drink Soybean Milk, because soy contains rich in protein, its unique plant estrogen, can promote the secretion of female hormones in the body, so as to promote breast development, and to achieve the purpose of breast.

third, corn. Some people may question how the corn may breast enhancement, not heard, in fact, corn is also a good food as breast, nutrition experts have been affirmed. Corn contains a lot of vitamin E, help the development of the gonads, improve the female hormones, want to breast beauty may wish to eat some corn.

fourth, Pueraria powder. Pueraria powder has breast, beauty effect, the most suitable for women to eat, fast and convenient, only need to mix into sticky food, eating for a long time, the chest will obviously increase, will be more flexible and tall and straight, is essential for breast.

fifth, walnut. In our eyes, just a walnut Bunao food, but in fact it in addition to this effect, we also can delay the aging of the breast. Walnut contains zinc and vitamin E rich, which contains linolenic acid is particularly special, can promote the synthesis of female hormones, so that the development of the breast more complete, so that the chest becomes plump.

sixth, fermented glutinous rice. Women will be fermented edible, enzymes, active substances and vitamins and is rich, has a great effect on the growth of the female breast to breast, women try to eat, this may be a bit angry, you can eat a few days. For the breast Taeshina, what do you hesitate?