How to make good after sales communication for marketing website

The so-called

customer service communication, refers to the guests after payment in the communication, mainly through telephone communication, Wangwang, letter and other ways, can also communicate via email, mobile phone SMS etc..

active after-sales communication, is to enhance customer shopping experience, enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty magic weapon. Cut off the cost of after-sales communication, it means cut off the old customers, cut off the seller’s sustainable growth sources of profits. When the buyer is not satisfied with the time to find us, communication becomes very passive, communication success is greatly reduced, even through communication to solve the evaluation problem, but the customer’s shopping experience is difficult to become better.

after sales Communication: five steps

after-sales communication can be decomposed into: after delivery, change to, after receipt, after the praise, after five steps such as poor assessment.

the first step, after delivery: inform the delivery, buyers steadfast.

buyers paid, the goods have not arrived, the heart will inevitably be worried about, what time can delivery? What time can receive? For some new buyers, will inevitably worry, will not be fooled? After delivery, the seller can put the delivery date, courier, express a single number, is expected to sign for the time, attention to matters such as inform let buyers, buyers at ease at ease at the same time, but also reflects the professional sellers.

second step, when the time: tracking, confirmation, timely processing.

in the expected arrival time, and active buyers to communicate, embodies the seller’s responsibility and professional degree, condition timely interpretation, treatment, eliminate buyers doubts, to avoid problems due to delivery to the store after the bad review.

third, after receipt: timely return visit, collect information.

buyers receipt, the first time the initiative to visit, take the initiative to collect customer feedback, meet customer complaints timely, timely apology explanation, timely treatment, to resolve the crisis before the outbreak, to further enhance the customer shopping experience, enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty.

fourth step, after evaluation: pay attention to interpretation, dispute communication.

is good at communicating every step, with great acclaim and great strides. Buyers have been praised, sellers should respond. Should take full advantage of the interpretation platform thank you, please come back, announced the latest promotional information. Although many sites are not for the interpretation of praise, but if creative, and enhance the interpretation of the new customer experience can still be displayed.

we do better, there will inevitably be loopholes, customer dissatisfaction and lead to trade disputes. In the face of dissatisfaction or even angry customers, the seller should grasp a few points in order to eliminate customer dissatisfaction, resolve transaction disputes.

Empathy in

1. For example: we understand your feelings.


2" sincere apology. For example: I’m really sorry.


3" appease buyers. For example: please rest assured that we will >