A new attempt on the cohesive force of educational websites in winter vacation

has long seen a number of websites offering services such as online tutoring or training. I am a personal website, my 5 star composition is a kind of education, really strong sex. We only aim at primary and secondary school students’ compositions and provide a platform for communication and presentation for primary and middle school students.

on the Internet, I collected a little about the content of writing counseling. I can say that the collection of related content is many, many, almost a whole model — charging. Of course, no one is willing to give others work, and no one is willing to put their own method of writing unconditionally with others to share.

many students and parents are very upset about writing compositions. They wish they could write excellent compositions at once. So there are all kinds of composition tutorial classes. In this class, no money is not, or that sentence, the teacher will not be wasted time for your service. For this situation, my 5 star network opened a small group of writers, writers, exchange group, the purpose of the beginning is for students to communicate with each other, to share learning and writing experience. Achieve the goal of common improvement. But students generally do not have the ability to write their own excellent writing, and they can not say why write so well.

in view of this, I contacted my colleague, and I asked my colleagues to teach me the techniques and methods for writing compositions for the small writers and small writers in the group. We have been coaching for three days, one day a day, although we can’t compare with the fees, but my colleagues also teach the real writing knowledge to the little writers and young writers. We all study very seriously. Enthusiasm is good. There are such activities, we are willing to go to the site to see the composition, there are some small hand to the site voted manuscript. Although not very good, but those are all original compositions. Yes, it’s a great resource for my 5 star website.


now holds only three issues, although not through this event to obtain more IP, although there is no imagined effect. But we have to stick to it and get free counseling. From tomorrow on, our teacher will help our website friends free to help with the composition.

a month’s winter vacation will be over, the site updated a lot of content. Free tutoring brings an old friend to the site, which is the charm of free tutoring.

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