Explore the personal navigation website profit model

Hello, today, and everyone to explore the personal navigation website survival, personal navigation site is really difficult to create miracles, the answer is wrong. In October I quit, I have wanted to do a personal navigation website, so today I have joined the ranks of the personal navigation station, with two months of wages to buy a digital 1196 navigation web site as the domain name of the website, ready to join navigation website ranks of market force.

is sometimes the target can arouse the driving force of our struggle, so today is graph king have excellent A5 station network, Ma Yuncai with today’s Taobao and Alibaba. Half of the success of the site navigation often cannot do without a good domain name, today the rain forest wind might feel 114la the complex domain name is not their loved ones, and then start the number 3456 heavily as a navigation domain, witnessed the navigation website cannot do without a good domain name. So there is no good domain name, it is recommended not to consider navigation site.

personal web site navigation operation cost is very low, so it has greater profit margins, operating costs are relatively high, you can choose to do a personal site navigation station still have comparative advantages, of course, the key is to see how your execution, the same for different projects the operation results are different, so their marketing site navigation or to take a lot of effort, following with IP at 5000 of the navigation site, analyze its money space.

navigation search box League advertising earned 10 thousand is not a dream

now has several search advertising alliance, Baidu, Google, soso, Sogou famous search engine, in order to expand their search engine, they are heavily in the navigation site navigation burn, benefit is the webmaster, now many people are more love for the Baidu search engine, so I take Baidu search, imagine a 5000ip website, according to 1 people search average three times a day, then your website in Baidu search times is 10 thousand and 5 times, according to Baidu, the best marketing hits in%, that is 150 times the click on the ads, according to Baidu search ads in the general price fluctuations in the price of 2 to 3 hair, so every day the lowest 30 yuan Baidu search advertising revenue in 900, is already over 10 thousand years.

navigation classification within pages earned 50 thousand is not a dream

site navigation classes estimated hundreds of categories, each category is about two hundred to five hundred. A total of about 50 thousand, a web site, that is to say the 50 thousand page URL 5000 full can sell advertising, then the 5 thousand ads a year is 10 yuan, it is 50 thousand a year. So that there is no possibility of it, then I analyze 50 thousand web site, take out 5 thousand URLs as advertising, advertising is not a lot, but these are just a very advertising, and not really shaken.