K station K station 6 28 months later how do we do the station in August 22 also continue to K s

June 28, 2012, I believe this is the day many webmaster have forgotten, many webmaster after this day, once again come back to understand before. A large number of Web sites are K, leading to their hard to do the station completely because the resources can be said to be destroyed on one day, most of the owners live, so the K station not only destroyed most webmasters for many years of effort, it is the webmaster economic source as a giant impact. Then how do we do the station after 6.28 months? August 22 will continue at K station. Where’s the future of our SEO? Will we have a chance to survive after SEO?

after the 6.28 incident, many people began to think that Baidu is deliberately want to fight against SEO, SEO industry, so that Baidu’s own promotion to dominate the world, so many years since the anti Baidu union rise again, in mid July, a large number of a large number of malicious click forcing users to pause for on-line, and the Baidu Inc received a letter of complaint. At this time, many webmaster think Baidu compromise, but things did not imagine so simple, because no one in their own land with others compromise, so the final failure is our seo.

anti Baidu Union failed, many SEO think after the optimization of the road difficult, because then we will continue to press SEO by Baidu, don’t we SEO the future is really dark? In fact, we always said Baidu SEO Baidu press press, Baidu acannibalistic, take full responsibility to Baidu’s lap, why don’t we webmaster introspect? Is Baidu K station is really is all about us? After Baidu afterwards explained and K station display case, we can see the Baidu K station are there for a reason, or no content at all the site, or is a copy of the contents of the website and so on, these sites did not any customer experience at all, is entirely a weapon for our owners themselves to make money.

if we are Baidu, what do we think? We will send our best product to show to the user, rather than to show some information to the user without any reading at all, a lot of people say that Baidu is very selfish, for their products have very high weight, just do a Baidu know you can row to the first page, it is selfish. But we have never thought, in fact, very love Baidu users know, in the number of choices, users will choose the Baidu know, rather than the web site, because Baidu know to fully meet the needs of users, and this is the signal to us from the Baidu webmaster, if we want to SEO SEO in the future have a territory his words, we must make the user experience, rather than black and bad articles.

our future SEO only one road, that is, the user experience, this road is our only way out, and black cats and collection are no future to speak of.

1, in the future of SEO, nothing more than