f were Ali would have collected all the online ticketing websites

online ticketing website is absolutely tuyere business. So, Ali spent so much money in traditional business, but also slowly test and explore. Rather than focus on the online ticketing website two billion, the top five are bought to acquire it, this is the highest price, then you are in the hands of the film market.


the future of the entertainment industry will be a big three BAT pattern as the center, the three systems of the whole industry chain layout, each system will have a video website, a film company, a ticketing website, even the future may also be a cable under the cinema.

studios will end up working for BAT three,

for online ticketing website, the best home is to find a big BAT backer, become a link in the industry chain, and want to own listing has been very difficult. And for BAT, the layout entertainment industry, the most cost-effective is the acquisition of online ticketing website. Now the acquisition of film and television companies and video sites are too expensive, and their business are far away from the money, deformation ability.

online ticketing website users can directly collect the tickets, the most important is the online ticketing website now has occupied 40% of the box office market, the next three years could reach 80% at the box office movie industry monopoly, this is an absolute monopoly. Who has mastered the online ticketing website, in fact, is equivalent to a direct monopoly of the film market. The world will only lead you to the movie,

!The biggest value of the

online ticketing website is not just the power to monopolize the movie industry, but the most important value is that they get tickets for many of the company’s coveted mobile Internet tickets. So, based on future integrated strategic considerations, the BAT giants are bound to make frenzied acquisitions and integration of online ticketing websites in 2015.

Ali, be careful to be the next grand,


is the title of this paper can be replaced if I were "Tencent" or "Baidu", but say "Ali", because in the BAT big three Ali of the entertainment industry layout is positive, but much is not strong, it is also the need of mergers and acquisitions online ticketing website, overtaking. Because Tencent Department has Tencent video, Baidu has Iqiyi, and Ali only Youku 20% of the shares, and other acquisitions so much business is not too strong.

Internet is a winner take all industry, can not do the industry, the first three, only a dead end. But throughout Ali’s acquisition of investment, in addition to Youku, the United States and other groups, a large number are not possible to become the industry’s top three business, so these businesses may eventually become Ali burden and burden. Ali always feel heavy in the old road of the year. Shanda because after a series of acquisitions indigestion, scattered energy, around the blood transfusion, the main business of the game is also easily surpassed by other giants, suddenly became peripheral firm.