Expose some cheats cheat friends chain method

short. Today encountered personal, plus my QQ friends claimed to change friends chain, and showed me his station, a total of 3. (not here, so as not to advertise him.)


column, such as his station, is AAA.COM. I looked at it. PR was 4. I thought that my station was PR3, so I promised to exchange it with him. And what he said is the inside page swap, I think so. All changed, I was not sure, so I went to see his inner friend chain, a look, the whole page is friends chain..

key: this time I noticed his inner page link address, such as his main station is AAA.COM, and the inside page is AAAlink.com, I think wrong, this is not the same station… Check again, PR=0!


fortunately, finally check again, or be a liar to succeed.. Hope you webmaster in change links, all long mind, beware liar ~