The founder of the T laboratory in nner Mongolia and 1st anniversary to the new version of the lin

in the past, had contained a year and played a hand in hand, singing all the way; then cross spectrum brilliant Quartet for thousands of years. On the occasion of the Inner Mongolia IT laboratory and 1st Anniversary version of the line on the occasion, on behalf of the Inner Mongolia IT laboratory staff, sincerely wish Inner Mongolia IT laboratory, support and help the industry colleagues to extend cordial greetings!

Since the establishment of

IT lab in Inner Mongolia, it has been concerned and supported by IT industry both at home and abroad. Today is her birthday, gone through a full 365 day and night, is the accumulation of a little strength, as a toddler, the road ahead is long, but she believes that there is victory may persist, and give up some means failure. And we’ve been working hard,


over the past year, it can be said from scratch, from small to large, slowly in the direction of their own direction. Fear of the environment, only for the heart of the faith and mission. To discuss and cooperate with colleagues both at home and abroad to build a common platform for development. For the development of the IT Internet industry in Inner Mongolia, we can provide information and research materials within our capabilities to promote the progress of our industry.

last year is the year she began to emerge in September 8th, the second session of the Inner Mongolia Internet webmaster conference, Hulun Buir in November 2nd the first Internet webmaster General Assembly held in Inner Mongolia, Inner Mongolia, Daqing hundreds of thousands of websites Qing Qing Daqing, Inner Mongolia hundreds of blog sites to welcome the Olympic games, Inner Mongolia IT basketball tournament, Inner Mongolia ten strong 100 excellent "website and Inner Mongolia popular website competitions and other activities, multi media propaganda reports. As she laid a good foundation for the development in the industry, at the same time by the government of the autonomous region, outside the industry famous people, and the support of the majority of owners, the convening of the two session of the general assembly to increase the understanding and understanding between each other, but also to promote the exchanges and cooperation between the industry


1st anniversary in this festive day, the new version of the line, indicates a new start, through the autonomous region of Daqing in 60th anniversary, we ushered in the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, an exciting event, but also add a lot of hard drive. Inner Mongolia IT lab in the next year, will work harder, with you, by the Olympic east wind, and seek common development!


– founder of IT lab in Inner Mongolia, Zhang Hao,   (