Site 13 days Baidu all included keywords are ranked first page

own profile, early this year, investment in the purchase of servers, double line hosting, site countless (garbage station), traffic is very little. Pay attention to Admin5, find opportunities, site for 13 days, Baidu all included, ranking all by the front.

and the vast majority of webmaster, I also love hate intersection Baidu. But once a chance, I grasped, and then use this opportunity to build a small station, Baidu was recognized, traffic gradually impressive, out of share, with the public fun.

accidental opportunity, clapperclaw in up and down the country of Lan Dong, I saw a lot of back Lan Dong video in a video site, boring among a few, but there is a counter person video content not only fabulous, humorous language, tone or cadence. Let the author in a big mood, angrily see all his upload video. (now updated to tenth, ah ^_^ Series)

said this, most of the webmaster focus attention to figure out, Xu Siduo! Second, I find all the information about Xu Siduo, he found only a personal blog, Baidu Post Bar, no formal official website. Immediately think this is an opportunity, so the use of the relationship (the relationship between content, not detailed) contacted Xu Siduo himself, after deliberation is authorized the production and operation of the official Xu Siduo website, so the emergency purchase of the domain name ( Two days, the site basically completed. In gradually update the site at the same time, the application ICP preparation, a few days after receipt of ICP certificate. In the meantime, there are several webmaster contact with the author, willing to buy the domain name at high prices, it seems that everyone has seen this hot spot, I am lucky to take the lead step ~!


May 20th (Thursday morning), Baidu finally recognized the station, and the relevant keywords into the first page. Although not much traffic, but it is also a small breakthrough. From the site to include a total of 13 days.

conclusion (advice to the webmaster):

1, focus on hot spots as hot.

2, Baidu always welcomes originality.