Wangzhuan thinking from Taobao visa triggered

recently, I have to go abroad for a visa, so I have to apply for a visa. I’m in Shenzhen and the embassy is in Guangzhou. I don’t have time to do it, so I’m looking for someone to do it. I am engaged in the Internet, so find ways are online, and at this time, a friend told me that you can find a visa on Taobao, yes, it is Taobao, heaven Almighty Taobao. So I went to check, and sure enough, there are many:


look, is my passport is sent in the past, they help me to do it, but I still worry about security issues, the money is not a problem, the key is not to take my passport to the pit, I suspect this is not sick, is really false, cheat, Taobao is now a single brush too much. If I asked my friend again, he said he knew Taobao and did it. It was safe, no problem. So I paid 200 oceans and mailed my passport. Not to mention that they were so efficient that they sent me the visa in a few days.

why do you want to say this? Because marketing is really everywhere, where there is demand, you can sell. As long as you dare to sell, someone will buy it. The key is that you can catch their pain and grasp their needs. What are you selling these days? Don’t you believe me? I’ll show you:



said that, in fact, I just want to introduce a topic, a lot of people say that want to do Wangzhuan, but do not know where to sell, do not know what to sell. In fact, do Wangzhuan platform has a lot of, where there are people where can Wangzhuan, the key is what you want to sell, these may buy the potential customers and gathered in? Not only Taobao and other Jingdong Wangzhuan platform such as business platform, QQ group, QQ, WeChat, micro-blog, Taobao space, SkyDrive, and Post Bar know off the forum, Witkey, mailbox and so on can be used to Wangzhuan, as long as you carefully observe, you will find a lot of traces.

and sell what products, this is very important, the general situation is to sell services, sell products and advertising.

There is usually a sell proficiency in a particular line service

, in a field of a certain well-known, such as the now popular VIP services from the media; for example, like a raging fire training services; for example, you can SEO, they can help others to provide website optimization advice or diagnostic services; as you know the development program, you can do the development service for example; you are advertising planning, you can help others to provide advertising services and so on, but don’t let their talents wasted.

hanging advertising needless to say, or hang some advertising union advertising, or open advertising position to sell advertising, or in their own platform to help others play advertising, and so on.

as for selling products, it’s more mainstream. Most people are doing this, except >