Z blog turn WordPress method summary article

took advantage of the weekend’s two day break to finally turn his blog from Z-blog to WordPress. I said goodbye to Z-blog in the first part. I want to share the experience and process of ZB’s transfer to WP. Now let’s sum up.

Why does

go from ZB to WP?

this is a lot of questions. For WP’s blog, that change is behoove, global independent blog, most of them preferred WP, no dispute. That’s one of the reasons for me. But what really made me decide to leave ZB was because I was worried about the domestic Internet filing.

, as a customer service for the Internet company, has received a large number of emails from customers for the past week. These customers are there for the record number, but for a variety of reasons, forcing them to update the record information, in order to keep the record number is not canceled. My domain name registered in huangjun.net before being used and registered, unless I linked to the original record of the people, let the other side to record the password or cancellation of the record let me re submit, otherwise I can only helplessly waiting record number disappeared, host is closed. And now not only the Ministry of industry for the record, as well as the Public Security Bureau for the record, last week has been notified, there are several customers because there is no public security bureau for the record, the upcoming closure of the site, even if they have the Ministry of industry for the record number.

so, I’m leaving, leaving this pesky filing, considering the Hongkong hosting without filing, but comparing the foreign PHP hosts that don’t need to be filed, obviously the latter is more dominant. Not only the parameters, but also the price.

The problems and solutions encountered in

ZB transfer to WP

online on the ZB to WP articles, grab a lot, but as they write to operate, will certainly encounter some problems. Because I later found that the author of these articles, and some even did not turn WP, the article is reprinted, and wrote almost the same. Two of them must be corrected to avoid detours in the process of turning WP.

first installs the xampp locally, the architecture PHP environment. Most articles say that Apache doesn’t work because IIS makes up 80 ports, so long as it changes its ports so that they don’t conflict. But the actual situation is still not good. The final solution is to locally connected TCP/IP protocol – properties – Advanced – WINS, cancel "enable LMHOSTS query", and then to the Windows firewall settings – local connection service, check the security Web server (HTTPS)".

another error is to go to WP later, if the original ZB Bowen is the domain name / classification name /post/id.html, to WP, the background also must be fixed link custom as "/%category%/post/%post_id%.html"". If you have ever deleted articles, you should change them one by one. In this question >