Mou Changqing nternet work threshold is not high it is difficult to do

has done Internet work for more than three years, has always felt that the threshold of this work is not high, but want to do well is very difficult. Everyone says Internet work is not easy. Some personal Adsense, but also from the metaphor for IT migrant workers. Self mockery: do more than donkey, eat worse than pigs, rise earlier than chickens. However, even if you choose this industry, you should be prepared to accept the pressure of work and the rhythm of such work.

stayed in Beijing for so long and discovered a law that I knew around me, colleagues or Internet friends. Those who do better are more successful. No one can do very well or improve his ability by relying on the time of work. In this fiercely competitive industry, you want to do better and learn more. You are doomed to work harder than others. The sky does not drop the pie, only oneself diligently enhanced the ability, when the opportunity comes can grasp.

Most of the

Internet Co are private, unlike state-owned enterprises. Instead of relying solely on academic qualifications, you can get along well with a company. Internet Co executives are mainly looking at, that is, your actual ability to work, is a submachine gun, or can lead a good team leader. After more than 3 years in the Internet Co, I find there are mainly 3 kinds of people around.

: the first people to go to work when law-abiding, work when no work related things, feel very tired during the day and the internet. Even the computer does not want to open, and I feel sick to see the network. Or return home is to play online games, only purely entertainment things. When you are not interested in the network, how can you do the work well?.

second types of people: work very hard at work, when the work is also full of dedication, at work. Just a workaholic. Most of these people appear in the middle and upper levels of the technical staff or the Internet. They are born for work. Such people tend to become relatively good professional managers.

third types of people: they work hard at work and occasionally pay attention to work when they are off duty. But I spend most of my time on my own affairs, such as doing part-time jobs or working on my own website. This kind of person is not particularly good staff, but this kind of person’s ability to work is definitely not bad, part of the entrepreneur is out of this kind of person.

a lot of people often complain about why they work together, and they become managers, directors, and even VP in a couple of years. But I have been a regular employee for several years and still worry about finding a better job. Without understanding, people pay more than they do, and when you’re thinking about going home at night to soak a bar or watch a movie, someone else has been using the time to recharge it. There is no genius in the world. As a famous saying goes, "success is the 99% effort, the gift of +1%."".

here, I also want to be ready for those who are going to do Internet >