Profit model and operation of local talent recruitment

recruitment website, I contacted a commonplace talk of an old scholar recruitment website, it has been three years, did the first commercial website is the local talent recruitment, because is very optimistic about the market, from the time of selection from the domain name server, commercial source are very cautious, for example, most of the people recruitment website domain name is nothing more than the area or region or +HR, or +JOB, I choose is +JOB, the suffix is.Net, in fact, now think about domain name website and the relationship is not great, as long as the same line, then the space choice is bright net, do not know stationmaster never used before, reputation is always good, but once the catastrophic destruction, the server was sealed a month before my website has good traffic. After that, it I’m not good, the most important is that bright net closed, my data also can not find, if the site until now, has been profitable, I think this is not my fault, (of course, if not so much), commercial source, I buy is genuine, a to avoid AD too, I will not say the name, not expensive, 1000 dollars, a regular commercial source, and customer service, is updated, is pretty good, I think it’s about the good stuff.

talk about profit model, I think that as long as there is IP, there will always be the main profit model, the profit model is now recruiting website member companies, I’m not sure do not know this model will not do, but at least they can accept, why can accept? Because they are eager to find the talent, each city will have small enterprises, general enterprises, large enterprises, so our fees can not be generalized, it should be divided into 369, so that different enterprises find their packages, because some big companies, you give them a few hundred dollars package, they will feel you are insulting them. The enterprise is a member, through other website derived profit behavior you need to consider carefully, if you open up the relationship and enterprise, their office supplies are not you can be responsible for their corporate website?? their website promotion? Only think, not impossible, don’t think too much earlier well, do you service, there will be suitable for your own profit model

talk about website promotion, online recruitment, I think the main is to find a way through the network promotion, through the network promotion way too much, I only talk about the suitable talent recruitment website promotion method, the first channel, in cooperation with the local forum, if the local forum has a certain flow, but when they recruit no climate, you can cooperate with them, the forum is a channel of your website, recruitment is a channel of the forum, but here there is a premise that your traffic is not much difference, the way to win, they will try to accept, we! The first site has been in the sputum, ready to test, we can communicate with each other under the. Weifang talent >