Wise remark of an experienced person to buy advertising

wise remark of an experienced person to buy advertisingExtension of

for the material and culture since ancient times people are different, but the only choice is to let more people know, understand. The progress of society to today’s network promotion is nothing but a hot

Baidu, find out about 91000000 pages,

has about 878000000 ad – based queries in GOOGLE,

in YAHOO, about 627054201 results,

keyword advertising on the 3 major search companies accumulated 1596054201 of the data, you can imagine that people on the Internet in the form of advertising to promote. Now advertising products must be known to you, and all kinds of forms are available. I also extend this platform to promote their products in the choice of network.

as everyone knows, ALIMAMA has her distinctive features. Here, I will share my personal experience with you.

The reason

chose ALIMAMA is because she has the following different features in the same product:

1, payment is convenient, because Ali Co own Alipay products has brought about a revolutionary change in online transactions.

2, the purchase of flexibility, advertising packages week, click, according to the show, according to the transaction, this is worth mentioning is that on the basis of the form, can be said to be with no predecessors.

3, interactive, interactive as we all know, can be linked to their advertisers and site owners, then I will share the advantages of interactive opportunities, I buy low flow enterprise website mostly makes people sweat is the price high, want to have the reason why we should be able to OK, why do I have to buy high priced low flow advertising. One word brought me a high reward.

4, the price is low, search for thousands of people visit cost will know, I would like to mention a small official website alliance proposal should increase the audit efforts of 5 recent ad speculation but one of the most popular, I also try to experience a bit, but the data is amazing accounted for 100% hits 10% of respondents, on page is not more than 10 seconds, see this data really dumbfounding.

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