Shrimp analysis Baidu in the end there is no sandbox effect

said Baidu did not start in the end there is no sandbox effect before the first to introduce the excellent situation, until today the excellent site optimization contest has been carried out for 15 days, now Baidu rankings changed little, and before that several blog. Just order slightly some changes since the last of the excellent small shrimp website changes have not been put out to Baidu, can only wait patiently. Today is the excellent with a single, in several forums links, also will be the site of the Links into the Links station. Also hope that you find me exchange links.

said Baidu following the start of the sandbox, what is the sandbox effect? In fact, Sandbox effect is Google original, the sandbox in general is the only new some effect, when the railway station in general can have a good ranking, after a week after ranking will find this website before Google one hundred pages, but site the URL, or be included in Google, but not to a certain rank, generally after three months there will be a new ranking, this is the so-called sandbox effect. So there is no effect on the Baidu sandbox, Baidu search, have only included a page, other pages are not included, this is Baidu sand box effect, because in the end there is no sandbox effect, only Baidu engineers know, others do not know like this, only through practice, observation. Small shrimp through the recent excellent race, also pay attention to the point that a small shrimp is only included the home page, the two is due to changes in the site is too large, resulting in a web page is not included, this is the Baidu sandbox effect.

Bo excellent site is Baidu’s small shrimp sandbox, as long as the write original articles unremittingly, such as Baidu put you out of the sandbox, your site will have a good ranking. This is also an excellent competition for small shrimp exercise, is a good learning opportunity. No matter what the results are, we’ll all grow up.

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