Peng Yucheng QQ computer housekeeper soft case sharing

share a late soft Wen promotion case: QQ computer housekeeper network promotion soft wen. Originally decided to just found this article will share with you some of my views, but delayed, until today to write this article, too busy, I hope you understand. Believe everyone in the Spring Festival must have received from QQ popups news, prompt: Spring Festival booking, please beware of "fake ticket website" as follows:

also saw such tips on the QQ list: booking tickets for the Spring Festival, paying attention to identifying "fake ticket sites", as follows:

same, in the QQ chat window also has such a hint message: Spring Festival booking, pay attention to identify "fake ticket website", as shown in figure

click enter is the QQ security center page:, from the general content of the above view, the main methods to identify fake website to remind everyone when ordering tickets, promotion of the Tencent’s TenPay ticket booking website and QQ security management software. Know about the contents of this article as a promotion personnel, we should judge this instinct is a hundred-percent soft, grasp the promotion of good points, also with the application of the more common type soft soft writing, to help users more, is a good soft wen. The following Peng Yucheng and analysis of this soft Wen, from preparation to promotion, some worthy of our reference.

first point: soft Wen positioning

QQ this soft Wen localization is obvious, is for the Spring Festival before going home need to buy ticket personnel. Positioning mainly involves: for the user base, the proposed release time, the available publishing platform and so on. We usually in the promotion work, not only soft Wen, each network promotion method selection and implementation, first of all have to do a good job positioning.

second: prepare content

prepares the content premise is that we must know clearly may use the promotion platform to have. As a platform for the promotion of QQ in particular, so the soft article selected a pop-up box, QQ list, the 3 chat window (maybe I didn’t find the highest conversion rate) click on the way to promote this article, at the same time, according to the 3 methods, developed two versions of the content are more attractive click desire. (here temporarily inserted sentence: write text and do QQ group promotion friend recommended to see more QQ pop-up box, it is worthy of our reference and learning, I have also made me the following staff every day to analyze QQ pop-up box screenshots.


in addition, the core content is the link to the page, just such content cannot be overstated, otherwise the space, this page pop-up rate is high, and this article do the right, to promote caifutong ticket ordering website and QQ security manager well into the inside, let the user see but feel to help him, it is soft.