Talk about the content of the website

has been in touch with the Internet at the age of 12. It’s been 8 years now. I’ve been making some SF games. I’ve made small profits..

began to study station last year. What movie station.QQ station. The game navigation station. Data. Information station. Anyway is more numerous. Although. Every day by the interior point IP traffic. Earn money to maintain. The server is far from being what profit. I don’t know what SEO. website promotion propaganda. I think. Those who are not using.

Do a forum before

. Just started doing it. Crazy reproduced. Copy. Every day is like that. Although Baidu received some. But the effect is less and less.IP is also a day 3040. Feel very uncomfortable… Because there is no good article. Or good things. To keep the guests. He may see what he did not get out. They pay no attention to your station. Because your station is not attracted to him. I think I had this station does not appeal to me I will not come back. Later the station finally because of various reasons by K the original article is small. The server also old problems. First no weight. Second Baidu snapshot does not update

this greatly reduces the flow and popularity of the site

later. After that station was K, I held on for a while. Finally, I gave up. Change the domain name. Start from scratch. This time I’m different. I’m not crazy about copying.

find someone to write something. In the above. Or record little video. Although it is rubbish. But at least it is original. Baidu will soon visit my station. The day included more than 20 pages. I am very happy. So I began to record some living things every day to maintain this. Station. Now I stop for a day more than 600 IP. continued to rise. Baidu snapshot within 3 days..

is really very good

and I also hope that we do pay more attention to the quality of the station. Station. (Baidu PS: personal view – – tall..) in order to attract Baidu had to do it. There is no way to do

reprint of the article must first change the title. Remember that the beginning of the end, I want to change the middle put their own domain name ads, so Baidu is difficult to tell whether you are original.

or to the original mainly. Support the original…

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