Two level domain name to do Station Research Report 1

for a long time didn’t write articles in the A5 for a time, do not know what to write, took nearly a year to two level domain name do stand experience and achievements tidy up! Hope I can help you to share, but also to make some like-minded friends


actually, I started using a two level domain name. It was simple, just to save money:

is currently the filing form that needless to say, the webmaster should understand and apply for a new domain name, to go through a very complex process through the audit record to build a website! But when a domain name through the audit theory can open countless two domain names used to do (such as the pan analytical!) so that the benefits of eliminating the tens of dollars in the cost of the application domain; eliminates a lot of the cost in renewal; can according to your idea to do a lot of benefits, the theme of the site. But after a year of practice, there are also disadvantages, is when the weight of a domain name through the secondary domain name will disperse great master, so I think that when a domain name is not Taobao like this station, is not the time to have a lot of weight, the proposed control opened five or less than ten two meters there will be good results.

again, Baidu, Google and other search for the two domain name attitude:

after the practice found that Baidu, soso search engines such as domain names to see for two level domain name! And when a link to a certain extent given some weight, ranking will be more than some of the large sub page and directory. And Google seems not, probably at most two meters assigned to the main station of a sub directory weight. Because my main station,, is a web site for games, network names, and QQ, and has been around for about three years. Later, with his test two level domain name open weight stations, stations and other theme of the Taobao eye cream off a single page station, after a period of time to send a link after working at Baidu and search for a period of time are good rankings, sell a lot of products. Later, because of the rank competition is too intense and give up the link, leading to decline in ranking, but occasionally a month or can still have several turnover. (one of the benefits of this is the two level domain ranking off failed, not because the problem of renewal off station)

uses two meters to stand as a simple experience:

First I use the

server is VPS, why not use space? Because the two level domain is equivalent to a website, but generally only need to bind, space support binding of a station, so I hired VPS, in fact, cheap VPS also, but not stable, stable may be a little expensive, a penny is this. Source code, I use zblog, easy to operate. Basically, I do another station is to copy a zblog on the VPS source code, and then bind sub domain name, less than three minutes, the other generation. But after practice, found that if you open a number of sub domain name to do different topics of the station, using zblog, a template source code, Baidu does not include