3 years of college graduation diploma greedy master is terrible

is a common family culture of a university student is not a simple thing, a certificate is also of great help for the day after work. 3 years of college graduation certificate of this kind of thing is that people can not accept, and Xiao Zeng met such a ridiculous event.

years after graduation, to know their diplomas forged, Xiao Zeng encountered such a ridiculous thing, it is understood that the suspect is a teacher Xiao Zeng pocketed tuition and do card to deceive her, at present, Xiao Zeng has an alarm, police said, has been waiting for the students and filing acceptance, the school provides further evidence, once perfect evidence investigation immediately.

Jingzhi diploma forged Xiao Zeng from Sichuan Zigong, in July 2008, after graduating from high school with fellow to work in Dongguan. In September of that year, Xiao Zeng came to the Guangdong science and Technology Institute (then called Nambour Career Technical College) adult professional course for accounting computerization, for the same professional and 40 other students. After entering the school, she and her classmates in the review, the end of the year to participate in the adult college entrance examination, and ultimately passed. In January 2009, Xiao Zeng officially enrolled full-time correspondence. Student accommodation in schools, nearly ten thousand yuan per year tuition".

After three years of

"diploma are numbered, can check in online channel." Xiao Zeng hastened to contact the former class teacher in charge of a class, the teacher’s explanation is likely to enter the identity card information is wrong, the system can be changed again". According to the requirements of the teacher, Xiao Zeng identity card and graduation certificate from Sichuan to Dongguan, a total of three times back and forth, but did not do.

has graduated for two years

more than the students found the trick

Xiao Zeng Tucao in students QQ group’s own experience, not to recommend