Laid off college students to open an old bookstore to earn hundreds of thousands of years

now many college students have entered the factory enterprise, do the work of the bottom, maybe someday it will face the risk of unemployment, but the reality is no way to avoid, if misfortune falls on your body, you will have to find another way. Li Hongmei, after graduating from college to work in a factory, work was not a year to be laid off doom. Angrily, she simply started the old book business.

bookstore opened soon, in order to increase the effective trade channels, Li Hongmei also set up an online transaction (mainly academic works), intended to facilitate communication with counterparts. Now, online transactions accounted for 15% of the total book business. In addition, Li Hongmei also sell some basic unprofitable books, so you can stabilize the old customers, for new customers, thereby driving other businesses. Add "send" business, Li Hongmei is the new. This move is fully standing in the customer’s position, but also to promote the integrity of the bookstore. This business is mainly in the face of those books but not the original sale of customers, they want to have the value of hand books like calligraphy and painting as send in the store by the owner of the consignment". "Sell" success, "do little boss collection fee". Second-hand house so operating for a year, a month now Li Hongmei’s bookstore has a net profit of $3000.


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