Medical research found that most breast surgery without necessary preventive health net

according to Taiwan’s United Daily News reported that the well-known actress Angelina? Julie (Angelina Jolie) 2013 decisively take the initiative to receive prophylactic breast surgery (prophylactic mastectomy), resection of breasts to prevent breast cancer patients, has aroused wide attention. But the medicine recently published research report pointed out that choose to do this surgery (the breast cancer women and normal breast resection) up to 70% is not necessary, because they have a very low probability of recurrence of breast cancer.

"JAMA" Surgery medical professional monthly 22 journal out of this thesis, the University of Michigan Comprehensive Cancer Center, it pointed out that the operation is over against breast cancer treatment, but there is a growing trend.


researchers studied 1447 people who underwent breast cancer treatment but no recurrence was found in about 3/4 of patients worried about breast cancer will relapse, about 8% women had breast surgery to prevent side (contralateral prophylactic mastectomy), and 18% consider doing this operation. Women with higher education or women who had been treated with magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) before treatment were more likely to choose to do this expensive procedure.