Tea store how to retain old customers

is now a lot of businesses operating stores, is the hope that through old customers to drive the store business. How to retain customers? This is a tea shop merchants need to think about the problem. Operators need to pay attention to the needs of consumers and the related information, only to master the operation skills, can do worry investment business, wealth is very worry.

a tea shop in order to survive and develop in the market, we must know the importance of customers. The customer is our God, this is not false, only respect for customers, new customers continue to accumulate customer mining of customer service, customer loyalty to make tea shop has more advantages. We all know that good service and products can keep a customer, but how to develop a new customer?

first have their own customer database. Tea shop shopping guide to join a good customer information collection, can give customers a VIP card or when asking the customer information, collecting the information for the later in the service and customer contact more targeted.

In addition,

tea shop to understand the need to improve customer files. With the passage of time, the consumer’s drinking habits as "popular" changes, the growth of the age, the increase of income, and influence of change, establish customer files not once, but to improve, can play a good role.

customer files have been created, we must be good at using customer files. In the use of customer files must have a certain degree of accuracy, timeliness, but also to grasp the sense of propriety. Despite holding a lot of information of the guests, but some are not easy to use, such as the guests home and office telephone number, otherwise it will bring to guests feel disturbed, even feel their privacy has been violated. What a guest needs is a feeling of being valued, not a feeling of being monitored.

tea shop operators need to do a good job of customers, good products and services to impress customers, to attract more repeat customers. Small series of relevant experience to help you? Hurry to learn, as soon as possible into the actual operation of it, can not be missed.

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