What do you need to pay attention to when purchasing

Florist want long-term business, naturally can not do without the right procurement. However, the preservation of fresh flowers is very short, if the purchase of a careless, it is possible to spend money on the operation of the latter has a very negative impact. So, if you want to purchase the right, naturally more attention should be paid attention to. So, what do you need to pay attention to when purchasing?

florist shop has a pair of discerning eye. The flower, flowers and flower quality inferior fish, often appear uneven situation, careful not to buy inferior flowers, it is doomed to a loss of profits.

"folder" is a very common phenomenon on the market, it refers to a bunch of flowers between one or two branch branches very short flowers, even the flower and then a toothpick has dropped into the branches, especially like this, gerberajamesonii rose flowers, often this happens.

this is the supplier is accidentally damaged in picking flowers or during transport, but want to get married to the florist who moved the loss and use, so the owner spend expensive, time permitting, the best number of shoots from roots, control and flower bud number, often can penetrate supplier trick, to avoid unnecessary losses.

flower is not fresh enough to let the florist shop is a headache. In the coming season before the flowers, flowers will rise in price the supplier knows, so will the new picked flowers placed in a cold store. The frozen flowers, short flowering period, the color variable light, durable.

identification of cold storage flowers, you can rely on a pair of eyes to observe carefully. For example, the cold flower flower stamens (especially carnation stamens) will have a more obvious drops, while the frozen roses will rot. In addition, the hand tried to pinch heads, if it doesn’t feel full, hardness difference, there may be for a long time to put flowers.

finally, the main understanding of insurance. Flowers in the transportation process, there are also risks, especially after the train or the arrival of the aircraft, short haul delivery of goods is very easy to go wrong, such as leakage of delivery or take the wrong goods. If the contract signed by the florist and the transport side is not formal, it is difficult to pursue the responsibility of the other side, there is only a loss of their own commitment.

if the daily operation of frequently encountered such a situation, this will cause no small loss to the florist. In fact, the owner can insure the goods. No matter what kind of transport, can be found in the consignment of its insurance, the cost of the insured amount of the dry. Compared with the possible losses, this is really a lot of money.

The risk of

may be encountered in the procurement of flowers in avoidance, the next step is to consider purchasing the purchase price for entry-level near the florist who, to make the price of flowers.