Xinjiang major news network entrepreneurs enjoy policy support

for many entrepreneurs, a good government policies can be said to be very important, because a good policy can guarantee the entrepreneurs to achieve a successful entrepreneurial wealth to do poineering work now in the Xinjiang area can enjoy the support policies.

I area network entrepreneurs recognized, can enjoy business services, entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship training subsidies, tax relief, rent subsidies and other policies to support entrepreneurship.

application network business that must also meet certain conditions, such as: the shop in the e-commerce platform for real name authentication, identification has been continuously engaged in network business more than 6 months; integrity management, good credit network, comprehensive evaluation or praise rate was above 95%; apply for identification for 6 consecutive months, average the monthly turnover of more than 3000 yuan.

applicants only need to hold the "Xinjiang business network that the application form", identity card and a copy of the original, "Employment Permit" or "unemployment registration certificate" original goods, mail voucher and transaction certificate, authorization to social insurance or shop registered of the county, city, district human resources and social security department or local human resources and social security departments of the township (street) work platform of human resources and social security, put forward that the application.

actually in our country is not only the Xinjiang area has a network for entrepreneurs support policies in many other places there is such a policy, but also the realization of the network business around for a part of this attention.


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