The big bust woman is most happiness in appearance not a women’s health network

look at the foreigner’s point of view:

according to the British "sun" reported that happiness seems to be in line with the beautiful woman’s body curve in the human brain. The study surveyed 3000 women, the study said, bust 100 cm, wearing 85C bra women are more satisfied with their body, see things more optimistic. According to the survey, women who wear 85C bras are very satisfied with their life and appearance, and are very confident. 25% of them feel happier than other women, more than 43% of people are very satisfied with the work they are doing, and 30% of people are satisfied with their love life.

in the "happiest list", the index of 85B wear bra women ranked second, followed by 75A, 90C and 75B bra to wear women, they all think they are immersed in the happiness of.

investigators found that wearing 90E bra cup woman even more unhappy, nearly 20% of the people are not satisfied with the daily life, 10% of the people are not satisfied with the love life, only less than 4% of the people on the career satisfaction. On the list of the most unhappy, the women in the 90B bra came in second, followed by a 90C bra. But the researchers found that not only large cup women don’t wear bra 70A happiness, the woman also ranked fourth.

this standard is to look at the body in accordance with the white division, apparently not suitable for Chinese women’s figure.

Chinese aesthetic standards for the chest

always thought, Chinese women began to pay attention to your chest is the result of. In Chinese history, never heard of a woman wrapped chest foot binding, in addition to the Tang Dynasty to have "a born beauty difficult to abandon myself" fat beauty Yang Yuhuan caused the Tang Dynasty to plump for beauty trend, in most of the dynasties in history, are as Ruoliu Fufeng thin body beauty.

in the costume of ancient China, whether it is clothing or modified before Qing Dynasty Song stomachers cheongsam, whatever slender woman look more beautiful, so Chinese created so many Chinese beauties Dishou chest. But as if overnight thing, attracted people’s vision by the chest beauty, than those of foreign women round straight chest, many women feel ashamed.

is it really beautiful? Big chest really more popular with men, so that you can change the fate of women? In fact, men mate at the time, is to pay attention to the woman’s family background and temperament, not before the first pay attention to a woman’s chest, but had never heard of a woman just because of the full D CUP chest, she was better than flat chested woman.

before the blind date, is responsible for person will appeal to describe their intellect and appearance to the two sides, it would not be the first to tell people who have 36 breasts like Gong Li D. Bust size is always the icing on the cake, have breasts of course.