Hunan college students innovation and entrepreneurship contest ended successfully

in order to encourage college students to entrepreneurship, but also to allow some outstanding college students to get a reward, and now all over the country are constantly carrying out a variety of innovation and entrepreneurship competition. The Hunan college students entrepreneurship contest has officially ended, a complete success.

4 days in 2016, creating a youth in Hunan college students entrepreneurship competition and the 2016 Challenge Cup – Rainbow life Hunan vocational school innovation and entrepreneurship competition in Changsha University of Science and Technology in the end of the year ended in May 23rd. Li Youzhi, deputy director of the provincial people’s Congress attended the closing ceremony, the day of the establishment of the Hunan college students innovation and entrepreneurship alliance inaugurated.

"Youth" "Challenge Cup" competition, is currently the most popular college students competition. Competition starts since March this year, the province’s total from 33 universities and 49 colleges 479 works for the occupation group business plan competition, entrepreneurship practice challenge, entrepreneurship competition and vocational, vocational group creative design competition, business plan competition, technological innovation and optimization of working process of competition, social research paper competition.

After the declaration, the

team evaluation, qualification examination and expert assessment and other aspects, in the "Youth" contest, Central South University, Hunan Rui Ke Sai Environmental Technology Co. Ltd. and other 30 works won the gold medal; in the "Challenge Cup – Rainbow" contest, Changsha Environmental Protection College and in situ selective induction of indigenous microorganisms into technique management water pollution and other 7 works won the grand prize; Changsha University of Science and Technology, Yongzhou municipal Party committee awarded the 2016 "Challenge Cup", 5 city 10 universities such as Central South University and Yiyang Municipal Committee of Communist Youth League and won the cup "".

such a contest, will undoubtedly be of great help to the development of entrepreneurship among college students in Hunan Province, so as to let students entrepreneurial local get better development, the employment of university students to solve the dilemma, more local economic development and make an important contribution.

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