What kind of entrepreneurial success

although everyone will embark on the road of entrepreneurship, perhaps are directed at the success of the temptation, however, in the end what kind of entrepreneurial success, everyone’s views will be different. In fact, the success of this topic, everyone has a different understanding, but one thing is common, that is to make money, do not make money business, how can not be said to be successful.

so the question is, what to do poineering work to make money? Some people think that the real estate to make money, some people feel that the breeding industry to make money, some people think the factory to make money. I want to say, or open the most profitable glasses shop.

in Beijing Panjiayuan cheap glasses market, glasses, a glasses shop manager Mr Wong told reporters, "you wear these glasses I purchase 10 dollars, the lens is a resin sheet, pretty good about purchase price in 20 yuan, the total cost of not more than 40 yuan." Reporter to buy this pair of glasses is spent 400 yuan, then the business was still in the "twenty percent off preferential" activities, such as, the glasses profits are more than 10 times.

in this regard, a long-term business glasses to do business, said Mr. Wang, glasses industry profits, some profits can even reach 500%. For example, titanium frame, almost as long as more than 200 yuan is enough, some of the shop price is at least more than 1500 yuan.

can not be denied, in fact, a long time ago, a lot of people have realized that the glasses industry is really a profiteering industry, it is worth investing in entrepreneurship. However, due to the relatively small investment in the optical shop is not small, so we had better be someone to lead a better, so that the success rate will be higher.