Schools around the shop to do business six tips to make your pots full bowl full

schools around the store business has been very good, especially in some colleges and universities supermarket, canteen, business is hot enough. Do you plan to do business in or around the school?

in the school or school near the shop, target consumers are those students, now adhering to the "hard the children can not suffer" thinking, parents are naturally can not let a pearl in the palm empty pockets, therefore, the school shop business potential or the key is you allow all doubt, to explore how to reasonable.

A, for the supermarket posture, can not bargain feeling, affordable and safe feeling, feeling, and always smile, not irritable.

two, understand their products texture and brand name, the other peer’s use of analogy, saying, ‘said and so on goods back three, eye strokes, a lot of things people are familiar with, if in the familiar things to the wholesale price and retail price will be (and certainly not buy 1 too the price of this is wholesale retail, although small, but also look at the amount of a company to do, for example, 10 things I had 1 things in retail sales is 2 yuan, the general store is 2.2 yuan or 2.5 yuan, and the retail wholesale price is 1.8 yuan, the best you recommend something else. If the customer to accept, these pieces of money back).

four, update strokes, a lot of people too familiar, no way, can only take it, and this store almost all, commonly known as "The new supersedes the old."

six, you do well and wholesalers (your source goods business relationship), contribute to the exchange of goods, but finished goods you best in the next purchase or under the next purchase notice of each commodity purchase price. Business people don’t do business at a loss!


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