Open maternal and child supplies shop is not difficult

open maternal and child supplies shop is not difficult? What are the key issues that need to be treated carefully? May be for the novice, this problem is more urgent, today Xiaobian share a few views, hoping to help franchisees do investment management work. If you want to shop can be a good look.

1. site difficult

choose lots correctly is very important. From the center of the city, the crowd around the purchasing power, cultural level is also a relatively good lot is selected. Maternal and child supplies store consumption has been narrow, if the location is not good sales promotion means, it is difficult to improve business, and lots of good store rents and high.

solution: reduce the importance of the store, carry out catalogs, website sales delivery form, let the store just plays a role in this case, display, store address again a bit all right.

2. organization supply difficult

solution: first do not impulse, vendor objective, don’t blindly on price low, now the price transparency is very high, special low price is only an individual brand, may be used to attract customers, there will be a special low price, will be particularly high, supply stability replenishment, fast, moderate price is the most important.

4. maternal and child shop shop proposal: