How to decorate the ice cream store

each store has its own style of decoration, different management philosophy, will be able to directly affect the style of the decoration is different, but also to bring customers different consumer experience, so if you want to open an ice cream shop, so how can you repair it?

to taste: American ice cream sales division, shop decoration should be free and unrestrained style, make one person the feeling of nature, is the key to blue or green collocation of natural scenery pictures, lighting must be bright, desks and chairs for the metal products, bright

gelato to give a person a kind of romantic feeling, let a person feel warm, with warm color tone, light yellow, pink, blue plastic chairs for business; at the ice cream, the decoration to grave and not lose the taste for leisure, which is more suitable for some business people to rest in the dark background, pattern, tables and chairs must be dark wood products.

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