t is very important to grasp the details of the details of the clothing store


now in life, people demand for clothing is increasing, and more and more people began to get into the business of clothing stores to open clothing store for some beginners, need to pay attention to many problems, the novice shop, should pay attention to what the details? >
clothing store problems

1. clothing must sell good quality, even if cheaper, the quality is not good not to sell to the guests. Style is a good style, if the guests take back to find quality problems, to ensure that the next will not come back.

2. price must be unified, that is to put an end to bargain. The best conditions for the implementation of membership system, issue membership card, PVC card is very cheap, in Taobao search. Remember, do not bargain.

3.  the price tag must be formal, the 20 yuan price, do not use a very low price, machine conditions can buy 1000 yuan a bar, even if we don’t use bar code, we are going through such a formal commodity price card display. You see people slightly formal shops, there is no price tag on the bar code? No conditions can use ordinary household printer like I was before, a kind of online software called "the treasure", with the ordinary printer can print bar code, very convenient, can be found in Baidu and GOOGLE.

4. I think it’s very important to choose the clothes bag, because it represents the image of a clothing store. Look at Taobao, this kind of customized clothing bags a lot of businesses, and the price is very cheap.

5. finally, clothing display must give people a feeling of harmony and comfort, the display is a need for you to spend time on the work of the study, so look at the decoration of the mall is the necessary way to do bulk cargo.


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