The nipple pain is how to return a responsibility for three reasons let you calm ‘s healt

breast is an important symbol of female beauty, but sometimes there will be some difficult questions, such as the phenomenon of nipple pain. Some people appear this kind of phenomenon will be very anxious, because they do not know what is the reason, but also embarrassed to go to the hospital to see, so what is the pain in the nipple?

physiological phase cause nipple pain

this is one of the most common reasons, as everyone knows, every month, women are in the menstrual period, menstruation, the female body will appear all sorts of reactions, such as bleeding, abdominal pain. Nipple pain is one of the symptoms. If it is not a special pain, generally do not have to take any special treatment, because after a period, it will disappear on their own.

hyperplasia of mammary glands cause nipple pain

when breast epithelium and fibrous tissue hyperplasia of mammary gland hyperplasia phenomenon will appear, this is one of the most prone to female gynecological diseases, in recent years the incidence of it is becoming increasingly showing the trend of younger age. It can cause breast pain and breast lumps, if you have this disease, you should pay attention to rest, keep the breast clean.

sexual life leads to nipple pain

some people will find that after the completion of sexual behavior, there will be nipple pain phenomenon, then this is why? This is often because of life are not satisfied or sexual apathy to, because when sexual behavior, if not satisfied, then breast congestion, swollen acid is difficult to fade, it leads to the nipple pain.

nipple pain often occurs in women with the disease, how to deal with it? We need to find out what is going on the way to help an antidote against the disease and timely treatment, if a wild guess, only lead to blind treatment, this is very dangerous.