Honey ice ice cream to give you an unexpected temptation to youth

do you know? Only we can not think of, there is no food and beverage industry can not do it, "health" the word we can list the food associated with it, you can not think of the ice cream, desserts and the like. One of the elements of youth. Why can the health to hang up? I can only say that this is an inherent prejudice.

youth is public and pure, youth to keep fresh, it is necessary to use energetic, fashion unique things to arm themselves. As an example of the beverage chain project with the most fresh ingredients, and the most fresh and colorful products, we can bring the most fresh and unique sensory enjoyment.

Holland: Holland sea ice cream quality milk, milk formula patent ingredients, collocation, low-fat, green, healthy, elegant aroma, delicate taste, delicious.

A shop to enjoy delicious

diversification: ice cream, drinks, desserts, snacks, bakery and other delicious meals, clean sweep, breakfast, afternoon tea, supper, 18 hours of seamless

operating profit!

leading the trend of the Dynasty: Yi Fang ice ice cream honey to redefine the meaning of ice cream, ice cream and western country population are the perfect combination of deep love, leading the trend, welcomed patrons.

ten years Tao ray sword, once the rise surprised the world. Yi Fang honey use many years of successful operation of ice brand experience, combined with domestic and international famous nutritionist, master a variety of drinks with the most suitable for modern life fashion health drinks based on the original increase, with more than three brands to create a honey gene Iraq Fang Wang in ice cream.