Ya honey cocoa drinks a Swiss drinks

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blur marketing marketing strategy is called the war started feeling, there is such a beverage brands, with youth as the theme, focus on consumer psychology, emotional change, provide a Swiss food drink for consumers. It is the cocoa drink.

Ya Ya cocoa drinks Project Description:

honey cocoa drinks well versed in the development trend of the road, focusing on the excavation of the products of spirit, with all the youth as the theme, into the heart of young consumer groups, the creative art style of Korean tea light combined with China market, theme concept theme image, characteristic of the advantage in the moment the tea market in


honey cocoa drinks on the background of the 80, 90 in the memory of childhood, to create a full of innocence and childlike rotation of the windmill theme style, reproduction of the classic childhood, reducing childhood taste. Ya Ya cocoa beverage with green green as the main theme of development, into the delicate thoughts of the green years, launched by the young people enjoy the characteristics of the small fresh drinks, with you to recall that period of pure and sentimental past.

honey cocoa drinks on the emotions, personality will drink into the taste of their youth, collision and wonderful natural taste, carefully configured out of classical and fashionable tea series, with excellent taste to pay tribute to the youth. Asian honey cocoa drinks portrait launch meet love series of theme drinks, naming, warm beautiful delicate and dense texture, such as kiss like for the love of the couple to lock the beautiful youth, making beautiful romantic


honey cocoa drinks return to nature, selection of domestic and foreign high-quality beverage production of raw materials, auxiliary YISHION natural fresh fruit, modulation of health and nutrition taste, the introduction of Korean characteristic tea modulation technology, different proportion of nutrient extraction milk and tea science, wonderful experience open fashion taste, the whole standard operation mode, strictly control the allocation of time and material proportion. Adhere to every product consistent from beginning to end.