Let people at home to cut leeks through cooperatives to ensure supply chain

today’s college students, because of more knowledge, so the success rate is often higher to start the project. Born in 1989, when he was born, he founded a company with a staff of 400 people, and he was called Chai Wan by his classmates. After graduating from college in 2012 returned to the hometown of Zhangqiu City, Anhui Province, a variety of leeks, as of the end of 2013, turnover of about ten million yuan, net profit of up to $about 1000000.

to change these problems from many aspects, I must change the past some of the ways of agricultural production and operation method. I decided to give priority to family farms, supplemented by farmers cooperatives. First make yourself a specimen, if successful, then to farmers. I rented 4 uncles of land, 40 acres of big quantities of leek production, specialized supply supermarket, pollution-free leek can sell 30~40 yuan a pound of it; another 10 acres of special leek bonsai, to meet consumer personalization demand.