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usually does not affect the beauty of the breast areola size, but when the partner with naked relative, your beauty beauty areola is particularly important. In a man’s cognition, life of female nipples should be pink small, but if you have a big and black areola, he will inevitably think.

(energy-saving? Perfect the areola just 3 steps)

so, what energy-saving?

normal areola diameter is 3-5cm, less than the range of the areola is too small, otherwise the areola is too large.

women in pregnancy and lactation, in addition to breast ptosis, there will be expansion of the areola phenomenon, this is normal.

also has a number of different color and black pigment of different races, which determines the color of the nipple areola in essence.

of course, areola black, and sexual behavior does have a certain relationship, but also by the personal physique, sucking, pregnancy, age (cell) aging, female hormone secretion, excessive nipple stimulation and other factors, leading to the nipple epidermis melanin, which affect hormone secretion, especially following pregnancy, many women of the nipple and areola will become big black.

is too large the areola is not beautiful, in order to restore the beautiful areola size, how do we need? How to create the perfect areola?

in fact, the method is very simple, that is clean, moisturizing, moisturizing care trilogy!

STEP1 clean

choose gentle shower gel, for a week to a horny areola.

STEP2 moisturizing

The use of

moisturizing lotion with moisturizing and whitening effect, after bathing for both sides of the breast moist, if the skin feel dry, also can wet cotton, deposited in the areola in 1 minutes.

STEP3 moisture care

this step is the most important use of whitening areola powder such as butter, butter, flour, shes safe and natural products, use the middle finger and index finger gently massage to make whitening ingredients into the areola cuticle, so as to achieve the effect of whitening pink areola.