Hebei provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department organized an exhibition tour of innovation an

in Premier Li Keqiang’s call, innovation and entrepreneurial spirit has been deeply rooted in the masses throughout the country to work in the cultural field to carry out propaganda, innovative thinking discussion, promote the development of cultural industry China continuously.

11 3, the Hebei provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department to organize cadres to visit the "Hebei Hebei science and technology building innovation achievements, to further strengthen the cadre of innovative thinking and innovative consciousness, promote the Propaganda Department minds discuss solid depth.

Divided into two sections and entrepreneurial innovation exhibition style pavilion

Exhibition for the provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department cadres is very exciting, very enlightened, very happyinspired. I think by visiting the exhibition of innovation and entrepreneurship, broaden their horizons, emancipating the mind." Secretary General of the provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department, said Shi Jianwei, as a propagandist, to further study the spirit of innovation, publicity and innovation, in support of the province to encourage innovation and development to create a strong social atmosphere. Provincial propaganda department, director of the office of Guo Guiling said, in the field of cultural industries, to create a public entrepreneurship, a good atmosphere for innovation, foster more innovative and creative talent. To vigorously promote the depth of integration of culture and technology, with the latest scientific and technological means to transform and upgrade the traditional cultural industries, the birth of new cultural formats, and promote better and faster development of the cultural industry in Hebei.

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