The first detection of gravitational waves in humans was verified by a hundred years ago

years ago, Einstein predicted the existence of gravitational waves, but has not been able to detect the actual data. Scientists recently announced the first successful detection of gravitational waves. At the press conference held in Washington on the same day, the United States, "the laser interferometer gravitational wave observatory" (LIGO) scientists live from the universe, "the sound".

the famous British theoretical physicist Stephen · Hocking said: "the gravitational wave provides a new way for people to look at the universe. The ability to detect gravitational waves is likely to trigger a revolution in astronomy."

The gravitational wave research expert Ma Yinzhe

the leading discovery of gravitational waves is the laser interferometer gravitational wave observatory project (LIGO). Participate in the project of the Penn State University scientist Chad · Hanna said, we can’t predict how the gravitational wave astronomy will change the basic knowledge of the universe, like Galileo with his small telescope can not predict the Harbert Space Telescope show that our universe, "we can expect that our children know after 100 years and will we know there are lots of recommended