After 80 fortune beauty teach money rules

era is changing, the status of women has been significantly improved, which is also a place for women in the venture market. Many of the 80’s beauty who seize the opportunity to start a business, through the real circle of their entrepreneurial dreams.

80 girls "pot of gold"

dabeini road — real

began studying classical ballet Dabeni from the age of 3, had hoped to be a dancer, and won second of the good results in the International Ballet competition. But as the years went on, she began to learn to think, feel that they can not always stand on the stage, should do a little more things.

The second grade

2000, after an investigation, dabeini found a only 15 square meters but fairly satisfied with the house, and put it directly to buy it, "because the area is small, the price is not expensive." Of course, this also allows her to pay a small price – her mother gave her four years into the first payment of the house.

"I didn’t want to make money, but I think that a good environment, you can carefully read, my tuition should be 100% can be obtained through scholarships or work." After dabeini the house renovation, after the completion of the first small home is quite proud of her, put the house on the Internet show, did not expect to soon received a telephone call from the real estate agent, said the house has to offer customers, than she is more than a month ago just decoration good increased by more than ten million.