Dessert shop decoration guide

now pay attention to the decoration of the shop, the more appropriate decoration, then the store will have a positive impact on profitability. How to get the dessert shop decoration work? Many businesses are interested in this issue, want to learn more skills, just learn together with the small bar, and I hope to help you.

1, decoration

priority is the location and the main customer group; dessert stores operating area of at least 30 square meters in the decoration on the cake bread DXB store colors must meet consumer psychology. This decoration will have to adjust to local conditions, you choose what lot of decoration style and materials are different funding, can be considered as appropriate.

2, cold heating

Air conditioning

3, signs

brightness and color is to encourage consumers to sign into the dessert stores, to allow consumers to accept the position, color and brightness was bright. You can also do a LED or highlight advertising lights. The facade is very important, the form of the glass window to help people find, eye-catching cake logo can bring you a lot of customers.

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