Analysis on the development of Chinese children’s shoes Market

China’s children’s shoes market has been relatively messy, there are various problems. Mainly due to the domestic children’s shoes by the price war to seize the market, the quality of attention is not enough. Lead to excessive expansion of the low-end market, while the high-end market without a good brand, resulting in a long period of development of the market in disorder.

how to increase children’s shoes sales has become a major clothing enterprises sales skills and urgent need to solve the problem, the following small series and share several points:


market segments

shoes became a separate category appear on the market, one is increasing domestic footwear market competition on the market is further broken down, two is the domestic children’s consumption gradually to the personalized and brand direction. These two factors produced by the linkage effect so that children’s shoes have become an effective subdivision of the entire footwear market. Survey shows that China’s 0 – to 14 year old children’s shoes in the market size of about $30 billion.

two, build brand shoes