Business shop is to make good use of advantages of

is now a lot of shopkeepers who just lamented the fierce competition in the store business, just to see the advantages of others and let their stores operating worse. In fact, any shop if you are good at digging can dig out more advantages. As a shopkeeper, naturally need to be good at using the advantages, so that the store will be able to get a greater success.

The main street is located in downtown

my shop next to the daily operation is affected by the surrounding large supermarkets, especially during the holidays, people through a variety of large-scale promotional activities in the store is bustling, and we "dilute cold front traveling". In this regard, I make use of the advantages of small shops back to the community, to take a flexible approach to promote the store’s business and revenue growth.

and I are in the same street, mostly engaged in garments, shoes and hats, general merchandise stores. These shopkeepers are mostly out of the field of young people, usually do not love cooking. So, I went to the trade and Industry Bureau to apply, in front of a fast food stand, breakfast and lunch, and 24 hours free supply of boiling water. This will not only narrow the distance with these shopkeepers, but also to win a lot of business opportunities.

last March, several residential areas near the installation of the door, the implementation of closed management. For district residents, this is a good thing, but also to bring them some small trouble. In the past, residents did not even have to go downstairs to sell their homes, but now not only to get out of the door, but also to run far away to find the acquisition of scrap. See this situation, I put the back of the shop to clean up the small shop, hanging in the doorway of a collection of waste brand.

did not expect this move is more spiritual, some residents to me here to sell waste, directly on the sale of waste money into the desired goods. I also use the location of a small shop to start selling newspapers and mobile phone recharge card business. Although some customers are to buy newspapers or recharge, but after entering the store, they naturally turned their attention to the store’s merchandise.

Although the

shop is small, there is no way to compete with some of the big business, however, it also has its own business advantages, the store will also have a very big help. So, even in the face of fierce competition in the industry, even if your shop is not large, but also can make a big career.